A prayer to the incorruptible maiden

O Theotokos, Virgin Mary, it is indeed a dread and ineffable mystery, what has been done in you.

For you, indeed, gave birth to the Word, who is the cause of all things, and Who is the cause of all things, and Who was incarnated by the Holy Spirit, beyond any cause or reason.

For from you, who remained unchangeable, He received flesh of His own divine immutable and unaltered nature.

Since in Him coexisted the two natures, the divine and human, in one hypostasis, He was dual in natures, a whole man and a God as well, showing the perfect wholeness and having all the energies of the characteristics of both.

As a mortal He was crucified in flesh voluntarily but as God during His passion, He overcame His passion.

As a mortal He died, but as God He was risen.

As a mortal He was laid in a tomb, but as God He was in Hades, defeating the power of death and saving men.

Him, O Virgin Mary, most-pure Theotokos, the Saviour and Redeemer of the human race, that He may send down from heaven to us joy and peace.

From you, O Holy Virgin, Christ was born, who was God eternally, but appeared as a man recently.

He kept for Himself, in a divine and unconfusable union, the properties of both natures; He showed the divine with glorious wonders, while He proved the human nature with His sufferings. Therefore, although he was one in one godly-human hypostasis, He dies in the flesh as man, yet He rises from the dead as God.

Him, O Virgin Mary, most-pure Theotokos, as one who has boldness entreat that He may be compassionate and save from condemnation those who praise you unceasingly.

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